Creating Pre-filled Compose Ticket Links


It's possible to create links that launch the compose ticket window with pre-filled ticket details. This is useful when integrating your internal systems with Enchant.

The URL Structure

The base URL is:

where site is your Enchant Help Desk ID.

Query String Parameters

Any of the following parameters can be provided as part of the URL query string:

Query ParameterNotes
typeOne of: email, phone
nameThe customer's name
emailThe customer's email address
phoneThe customer's phone number
subjectSubject of the ticket
inboxID of the inbox. Get this from the URL when looking at the General settings of an inbox
messageThe ticket body. Special characters (eg: space, new line) can be sent URL encoded. Max length: 3000 characters
ccComma separated list of email addresses to put into the CC field
bccComma separated list of email addresses to put into the BCC field

All parameters are optional. All values should be UTF-8 percent encoded (per RFC 3986).

An Example

Let's send an email to a specific customer about an expiring trial. Here's a sample URL:!

Decoded, the URL has the following parameters:

Query ParameterValue
subjectTrial Expiring
messageHi John,

Your trial is about to expire!